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Book an upgrade

Book an upgrade

Please note that this form can only be used to request an upgrade for an Air France ticket, ticket numbers starting with 057. Please click here to request an upgrade for a KLM ticket, ticket numbers starting with 074. 

If you want to upgrade to Premium Economy, Business Class or La Premiere please use this form and ask for the upgrade at least 5 working days before the departure of the flight. The number of Blue Credits charged for the upgrade is the actual difference in the fare paid for the ticket and the fare of the upgraded ticket and applicable penalty fees.

Please note that because of privacy reasons only the official contact person of the company can request information or request the use of Blue Credits on behalf of the company.

Communication about upgrades is available in English only. 

Please note that upgrades are not available for French BlueBiz members (BlueBiz accounts starting with FR).

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We, Air France and KLM, offer our corporate loyalty program BlueBiz together. We are jointly responsible for the processing of your personal data in relation to our program. We process your personal data in accordance with the Air France privacy policy and the KLM privacy policy.

You have the right to object to certain processings of your personal data. Please check ‘Your rights’ in the Air France privacy policy and KLM privacy policy for more information.

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